What Happened to the Nordictrack ACT Elliptical?


Looking for the Nordictrack ACT elliptical?

Wondering why suddenly, this once super-popular elliptical trainer just seems to have disappeared?


nordictrack act vs freestrider
Nordictrack ACT Elliptical


The Nordictrack ACT – and the ACT7 and ACT 10 – were a very unique style of elliptical trainers called center-drive trainers.

Instead of one large flywheel in front or in back of the pedals, you had two smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals.

This had a few advantages.

First, it placed you more upright on the pedals – which feels more comfortable for a lot of people. Second, it placed your feet (and hips) closer together. This made for less strain on the hips – which is again, more comfortable.

Lastly, it also gave you a lower step-on height, which helps people with mobility issues to feel more safe and closer to the floor than other elliptical designs.


nordictrack act 10 review
Nordictrack ACT Footpedals


However, there were some problems with the Nordictrack ACT elliptical trainers.

Firstly, the original ACT models did not come with incline. Incline changes the slope of your running pathway – helping you to get a better crosstraining workout.

Secondly, they were quickly becoming eclipsed by the other center drive trainer: the Nordictrack Freestrider.


nordictrack Freestrider Trainer FS9i video
Nordictrack Freestrider


So people just weren’t as interested.

While I don’t work for Nordictrack – so I can’t say for sure – I believe this is the reason that Nordictrack eventually discontinued the ACT elliptical models: Basically, something better came along.



freestrider sale



Where Can You Buy the Nordictrack ACT Elliptical?

Well, they’re actually pretty hard to find right now since they’ve been discontinued.

(Not to say Nordictrack won’t bring them back – they have done it before. But I don’t think it’s likely, mainly for the reasons listed above).

You might still be able to find a few kicking around in some fitness equipment stores out there.

You might also be able to find one second-hand. The problem of this is, of course, the warranty won’t cover you on a second-hand buyer (this is the case for all fitness equipment these days).

So if the machine breaks the second you get it home, you’re out the money to fix it.


freestrider best machine
Freestrider Elliptical Motion


Is There A Better Option?

The good news is that while Nordictrack has discontinued the ACT elliptical models, they have dropped the price on their Freestrider ellipticals (which, in my opinion are much better elliptical trainers than the ACT models).

This brings them closer in price to the ACT ellipticals.

For example, as of this writing you can get the Freestrider FS5i model for around $1399 with Free Shipping here.

The FS5i gives you the benefits of the center-drive design listed above. Plus you also get a fully-adaptable stride of up to 32 inches! (Most elliptical strides are limited to around 20 inches.)


best Freestrider machine - fs5i
Nordictrack FS5i Freestrider


This also makes it a great buy for multiple-user families since everyone can choose the most comfortable stride length for them.

There’s also the super-popular Freestrider FS7i which runs around $1799 with Free Shipping and Free iFit here. It also gives you the benefits of a center drive design with the fully-adjustable stride.

Plus you also get incline or ramp – something you didn’t get with the ACT models.


best freestrider machine
Nordictrack FS7i Freestrider


So if you’re looking for a better option the Freestride Trainers might be worth considering.


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Bottom Line?

While the Nordictrack ACT elliptical is gone – it’s not forgotten. It was a good elliptical for the time. However, with the advent of newer and better crosstrainers, like the Freestride Trainer, it just couldn’t keep up and people lost interest.

The good news is that you still have a lot of great options to choose from – including Nordictrack ellipticals with incline, decline iFit Coaching, adjustable strides and more.

Want to learn more?


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