Nordictrack Vs Sole Elliptical Trainer – Which Should You Choose?


Wondering about the difference between Nordictrack vs Sole ellipticals?


nordictrack vs sole elliptical
Sole Elliptical Trainer


You’re not alone. These are both well-respected, highly awarded elliptical trainers. Both brands make a range of starter to commercial grade in-home crosstrainers.

But what about when you compare them against each other? How do they stack up?


nordictrack elliptical vs Sole
Nordictrack Elliptical


While I’m obviously a bit biased towards Nordictrack (hence this blog), I do think Sole has some great models as well.

This post will show you some of the key differences between the two brands to help you choose the best elliptical for you.



Nordictrack vs Sole Elliptical – Design


Sole tends to mainly use a front-drive elliptical design. Front drive ellipticals mean that the drive system is placed in front of the pedals.

A lot of users like this design as it can feel a bit more stable than rear drive designs.


nordictrack vs sole elliptical
Sole Elliptical Trainer


Sole also uses a unique 2-degree angle in their footpedals that they claim reduces the strain on your hips – again for a more comfortable workout.

Nordictrack produces several highly rated front-drive trainers as well. However they also give you the option of rear-drive crosstrianers and even center drive trainers like the Nordictrack ACT 10 below.


nordictrack elliptical vs sole
Nordictrack Commercial ACT 10 Elliptical


Some people really feel that center drive crosstrainers are more comfortable since you stand more upright on the pedals with less leaning on the handrails. The pedals also tend to be closer to the ground, which makes some people feel safer.

Nordictrack also has rear drive machines and even folding ellipticals.

So if you’re looking for more options in design, Nordictrack tends to have the advantage here.



nordictrack vs sole elliptical comparison




Nordictrack vs Sole Elliptical – Console


Sole consoles tend to look very similar to each other. They are all backlit, dual color and easy to read.

They give you a constant readout of everything you need like your heart rate, calories burned, workout program etc. The main difference between Sole consoles is that they tend to get larger the more you go up in price.

sole vs nordictrack elliptical trainers
Sole Console



Nordictrack has a larger range of consoles on their crosstrainers. They have dual color consoles on their starter models like the C7.5 trainer.

But they have something on their other trainers that Sole does not. Many of the Nordictrack ellipticals now come with full-color, touch screen web browsers.


nordictrack elliptical vs sole elliptical
Nordictrack Console


So you can surf the net, read emails or catch up with Facebook friends as you workout.

They also have tablet holders above the console so you can attach your tablet above the console and watch your favorite movies or Netflix as you workout.

So if you want a bit more in terms of entertainment options and fun, you may want to go with a Nordictrack.



nordictrack vs sole elliptical trainer
Nordictrack HD Console



Nordictrack vs Sole Elliptical – Armbar Controls


Sole puts resistance and incline controls on the moving arm bars of all of their elliptical trainers – even the starter models. This is handy since you don’t have to interrupt your upper body workout to change resistance.

Nordictrack only puts arm bar controls on their commercial-grade models like the C14.9.


sole vs nordictrack elliptical trainers
Sole Console



Nordictrack vs Sole Elliptical – Stride


Stride is the furthest distance between the pedals. Most users think that an 18 – 20 inch stride is most comfortable.

Sole ellipticals are all made with a healthy 20 inch stride – except for one model the E95S – that gives you an 18 – 24 inch stride.

Nordictrack tends to give you an 18 – 20 inch stride as well. However there are more models like the ACT 10 or the Freestrider FS7i trainer – seen below – that offer an adjustable stride.

So you can drill down and really choose the stride that fits best for you. This ensures you have the most comfortable stride fit for your body.


nordictrack Fs7i Freestride Trainer
Nordictrack FS7i Freestride Trainer



Nordictrack vs Sole Elliptical – Tracking Your Workouts


With the trend towards tracking your activity and calories these days (fitbit, calorie tracking apps etc.) most manufacturers are also adding tracking capabilities to their machines.

Sole recently added Bluetooth tracking to all of their new models. So you can track your workouts and sync them to your smart device using the free Sole app or other compatible fitness apps.


nordictrack vs sole ellipticals
Nordictrack elliptical with iFit


Nordictrack also has online tracking called iFit. With iFit you can track your workouts – but you can also download new workouts and even race around the world, watching real trails pass you by. So it’s a bit more advanced than what you get with Sole.

However to be fair the Sole app is free. iFit is an optional yearly subscription based service that runs around $99 a year.


nordictrack elliptical vs sole



Bottom Line?

So which is best for you – the Nordictrack vs Sole elliptical trainer? Well, both brands have their strengths. Sole tends to focus more on ergonomic design and high-grade construction.

Nordictrack ellipticals are also well made and have pulled in a lot of “Best buy” awards. But they also tend to give you more options in terms of entertainment, adjustable strides and online tracking options.

It really comes down to what you’re looking for in a crosstrainer.

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nordictrack elliptical vs Sole
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Nordictrack vs sole elliptical
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