Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical – New 2017 Model is Here!


nordictrack spacesaver se7i elliptical review
Nordictrack SE7i Folding Elliptical

Even though it’s still 2016, Nordictrack has started releasing some of their new 2017 ellipticals – the newest release is the 2017 Spacesaver SE7i (Read the Full Review Here)

This is the most popular folding elliptical as it comes in under $1000 and also fold ups so you can store it away in a corner or even a closet.

What’s new for 2017?

Well, Nordictrack did keep some of the most popular features including the adjustable pedals and the bright, backlit console.

However the did add a few new upgrades:


Sleek New Console


The new 2017 console is sleeker and less cluttered than the older model. Here’s the new console:


nordictrack spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Review



Here’s the old console:

nordictrack se7i elliptical 2017


As you can see, the new console is a bit more well-designed with easier to reach speed and incline change buttons along the bottom center instead of the bottom sides.



New Tablet Holder

You’ll also notice that they added a brand new tablet holder above the console. So you can attach your tablet and watch your favorite movies and shows as you run. Or you can use your tablet to connect to iFit and watch real life trails pass you by in the tablet screen.


Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Review with iFit LIVE


This adds a whole new dimension to your training and it can also add a lot more fun. It’s a welcome addition since the older Spacesaver SE7i model was one of the only Nordictrack elliptical trainers that did not have a tablet holder.


More Incline

Another small change is that you get a bit more incline – the old model had 7 degrees and this one has 8 degrees. Not a huge issue but still nice to have nonetheless:


nordictrack spacesaver SE7i elliptical trainer review


So if you’re looking for a folding elliptical trainer that’s sturdy enough for long, hard workouts – but won’t break the bank the new Spacesaver SE7i might be worth checking out.


Check out the New 2017 Model Direct from the Manufacturer Here


nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainer Review
Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical