NordicTrack Rolls Out New 2017 Elliptical Models

What’s New for Nordictrack Elliptical Trainers 2017?


new nordictrack elliptical trainers 2017
Nordictrack Elliptical – 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again – when Nordictrack rolls out some of their new, updated elliptical trainers for 2017.

They haven’t replaced too many old favorites – yet.

As they come out I’ll be doing separate posts outlining the main changes for you.

One thing many people don’t realize is that they’ve brought back the most affordable Freestrider model – the FS5i – which you couldn’t find for about half of 2016.

The FS5i gives you the benefits of the Freestride Elliptical Trainer (variable stride of up to 38 inches, low impact, very compact).

The main downside is that the console is not as nice as the FS7i which has the full color console with web browser.


Nordictrack elliptical 2017
Nordictrack FS5i Trainer


The FS5i console is only dual color with no web browser. However it does come in for a fantastic price around $1399 with Free Shipping here.

This means it’s about the same price as a mid-range elliptical – which should make it very popular this year.


nordictrack elliptical new for 2017
Nordictrack FS5i Freestride Console



You can read the full review of the FS5i Freestrider here.

Also note that it also has a slightly smaller flywheel than the FS7i or FS9i models.

Nordictrack has also upgraded their Spacesaver ellipticals.  These are some of the most popular folding ellipticals on the market since they’re strong and sturdy-feeling, but still fold up easily for storage.

The Spacesaver SE7i has a new, improved console and more of an incline than the 2016 model. You also get a tablet holder above the console – which also was not included in the 2016 model.


nordictrack spacesaver se7i elliptical review
Nordictrack SE7i Folding Elliptical


You can read the updated review of the Spacesaver SE7i elliptical here.

Nordictrack has also upgraded the Spacesaver SE9i as well with the tablet holder above the console and a new Smart, HD TouchScreen console.  You may recall that the SE9i also has the full color console with web browser in the console – unlike the SE7i elliptical which only has the dual color console.

The SE9i also comes with more of an incline than the SE7i – 10 degrees instead of 8 degrees. It also comes with a free wireless heart rate monitor.



nordictrack elliptical 2017
Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i


You can read the updated review of the Spacesaver SE9i here.

Also, Nordictrack has made changes to their iFit program – which applies to ALL of their elliptical trainers. They’re now introducing iFit coach – which gives you a more tailored, specialized fitness and weight loss program.


nordictrack spacesaver se9i with ifit live



You can get specific workouts and calorie goals sent right to your elliptical trainer and the program evolves and grows with you as you grow – very cool.

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