Nordictrack Freestrider: FS7i VS FS9i – Which is Best?

Quick Comparison of the Nordictrack Freestrider Trainers:



Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS9i Review
Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS9i

Looking for the best Nordictrack Freestrider?

The Nordictrack Freestride trainer gives you a major advantage over the standard elliptical trainer in that you get to choose your own stride instead of having a set stride path.

This means you get a more productive workout and can go at strides of up to 38 inches! Your body will never adapt as you’re always changing the stride length.

There are currently 2 Freestrider trainer models on the market, the FS7i Trainer and the FS9i Trainer. The FS7i comes in cheaper than the FS9i (around $1000 less). This leaves a lot of people wondering if the FS9i is worth the extra money for them.

How exactly are they different? Well, here’s a rundown of the main differences to help you decide which one fits your goals best:


nordictrack freestrider FS9i web browser#1 Larger Web Browser on the FS9i

The FS9i has a larger browser at 10 inches vs 7 inches. This makes it easier to read and more fun to watch those Youtube or other online videos.


#2 More Substance and Weight

There’s a bit more substance and weight on the FS9i trainer with a higher user weight capacity (400 pounds vs 350). So it’s a great option for heavier users (or multiple user households).

It’s also a great option if you plan on heavy use of your trainer as it can stand up better over time.


#3 Decline Option

While the FS7i model has incline it does not have the decline option that you get with the FS9i. The FS9i has both 10 degree incline and 10 degree decline for added crosstraining

nordictrack Freestrider FS9i Review


#4 More Resistance Levels

The FS9i has more resistance levels than the FS7i (26 vs 24). So there’s a bit more room to grow here.


Nordictrack Freestirder FS9i workouts#5 More Built-In Workouts

You also get more built-in workout options (38 vs 35) on the FS9i. Although as they both have iFit LIVE – which gives almost unlimited new workouts – this may be a moot point.


#6 Heavier Flywheel

Although the flywheel on the FS7i is a very respectable 20 pounds, the flywheel on the FS9i is a bit heavier at 22 pounds – so again it helps with heavier and more intense workouts.

So the bottom line is that the FS9i is built to be a bit tougher and take more of a beating. It also gives you extra crosstraining options with the decline and a heavier flywheel for a slightly smoother ride.

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