Nordictrack Freestrider vs Bowflex Max – Quick Comparison Chart


bowflex max vs nordictrack freestriderTrying to compare the Nordictrack Freestrider vs Bowflex Max?

These are two of the most popular ellipticals on the market right now.

And both give you very unique benefits over a standard elliptical trainer.

In fact we did a full comparison of the Freestrider vs Max Trainer here (and updated it for this year with new info).

However if you’re looking for more of an at-a-glance comparison, this post is for you.

You’ll find a quick comparison chart below of the Nordictrack Freestrider vs Bowflex Max Trainer below.

Note that these are “in general” comparisons – there are 3 different models on the Freestrider and the Bowflex Max, so if you are comparing specific models, things might be slightly different.


Nordictrack Freestrider vs Bowflex Max Comparison


Bowflex Max Trainer
Starting From $999
Key Benefit: Burn up to 2.5 Times More Calories Than a Standard Elliptical
Main Motion: Stair-Climbing
Footprint: 46.1″ L x 25″ W
Ceiling Height: User Height + 15 Inches
Moving and Stationary Arm Bars
Console: Dual Color
Entertainment/Tracking: Free Bowflex App
Nordictrack Freestrider
Starting From $1399
Key Benefit: Adaptable Elliptical Stride up to 32 Inches
Main Motion: Running
Footprint: 58.5" L x 29.5" W
Ceiling Height: User Height + 15 Inches
Moving Arm Bars Only
Console: Full Color (FS5i is Dual Color)
Entertainment/Tracking: iFit Coach HD Workouts


bowflex max trainer vs nordictrack freestrider
Bowflex Max Trainer
Why Choose the Bowflex Max?


There’s no doubt that the Bowflex Max is a well-made and well-planned machine. Bowflex is one of the top sellers of fitness equipment for a reason.

The main reasons to choose the Bowflex Max Trainer would be:


#1 To Burn Calories Faster

Bowflex has done the studies to prove that the Max Trainer can burn up to 2.5 times more calories than a standard elliptical.

And they also have several years of continuous weight loss success stories to back this up.


freestrider vs bowflex max


So if you want to see results faster – or you just don’t have a lot of time to workout, the Max Trainer might be the best option for you.



#2 More Compact

With a smaller footprint than the Freestrider (or a standard elliptical), the Max Trainer is also great if you don’t have a lot of room for fitness equipment in your home.

If you’re worried about space issues then the Max again has the upper hand here.

max trainer vs freestrider

#3 HIIT Workouts

Bowflex has designed multiple HIIT workouts that they include with their Max Trainers. HIIT training is all the rage right now as people realize it’s a more effective way to burn calories.

The Freestrider does have HIIT workouts included with the iFit Coach video library, but if you want a HIIT workout built directly into your machine then the Bowflex Max is the better choice.


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nordictrack elliptical vs max trainer comparison



Nordictrack Freestride Trainer
Why Choose the Nordictrack Freestrider?


Like the Max Trainer, the Freestrider also has some really unique benefits over the standard elliptical trainer. The main reasons to choose the Nordictrack Freestrider would be:


#1 More Crosstraining Options

Whereas the Bowflex Max locks you into one set motion only (up and down stair climbing), with the Freestrider you can do stair climbing strides, jogging strides and even longer running strides – any stride you choose up to 32 inches!


nordictrack elliptical trainer benefits


Since the average elliptical only gives you a stride of 18 – 20 inches, you can see that the options on the Freestrider are better when compared to the Max trainer or a standard elliptical.

On the Freestrider you can also pedal forward and back and even add incline or decline (on the higher end models). So the crosstraining options on this model are much better than the Bowflex Max.



#2 Better Entertainment Options with iFit Coach

While Bowflex does let you track your workouts with the free Bowflex App, if you want to take it up to the next level, using iFit Coach on the Freestrider is a next-level training experience.


nordictrack elliptical ifit


You can run trails all over the world from Paris to Hawaii – and watch real scenery pass you by in the console screen. Plus you can choose from a library of over 12,000 workout videos in the iFit library.

There’s everything from yoga to stretching and even walking tours of famous landmarks!


iFit Workout


Plus, as of this writing anyways, if you get the FS7i or FS9i Freestrider models from the Manufacturer you’ll get a Free 1 year membership to iFit Coach – which is amazing.

So you can try it out for the full year to see if you like it or not – and then choose to renew it or not as you like (you don’t NEED iFit to use the Freestrider – it’s just an option).


iFit Streaming Workout


#3 Better Option for Runners

If you prefer the motion of running (vs stair-climbing) then. without a doubt. the Freestrider is your best option.

Plus because of the adjustable stride, its great for multi-user homes since everyone can choose the stride that feels most comfortable for them.


nordictrack freestrider comparison
Nordictrack Freestrider


Overall, if you prefer running over stair-climbing at the end of the day, then the Freestrider is probably that better choice for you.


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