Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS9i Video – See How It Works!


The Nordictrack Freestrider Trainer FS9i is the premium Freestrider model in the series.

Want to see a FS9i video on how it works?

Here’s a great video that shows you how the new 2019 model looks and works – including the different strides you can do on it and the iFit Coach scenery.

I’ve also broken down the main benefits – and how to save on the FS9i – below the video for you (or read the full review here).



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Main Benefits of the FS9i Freestride Trainer:


Largest Console Gives a More Enjoyable Workout

The full-color, HD, touch-screen console on this trainer is larger than the FS7i model (10 inches vs 7 inches). This makes it more enjoyable to watch your workout videos on iFit or take any of the iFit workout classes.

It also makes it easier to read your workout stats as well.


nordictrack FS9i video
Nordictrack FS9i Console



Incline and Decline

The FS9i elliptical is the only Freestrider model that gives you decline. The FS7i has up to 10 degrees of incline. But the FS9i gives you both incline and decline. Incline and decline change the slope of your elliptical running pathway – helping you to work different muscle groups.

It’s great for crosstraining and for getting a more effective workout overall.


fs9i video Freestrider



Heavier Flywheel & More Resistance Levels

The FS9i carries a heavier flywheel than the FS5i model (20 pounds vs 16 pounds) – which gives you a smoother, more stable ride.

It also has more resistance levels (26 vs 24 or 22 on the other models). So you have more room to grow with this elliptical as your fitness level improves.


More Built-in Workout

Don’t want to use iFit Coach to get new workouts? No problem – there’s also lots of built-in workouts on each Freestrider model.

However the FS9i gives you more built-in workouts than other models (38 vs 35 on the FS7i trainer).

So you have more ways to have fun and challenge yourself on this trainer.


nordictrack freestrider FS9i video
Nordictrack FS9i Freestrider
Bottom Line?

While the FS9i model is not the cheapest Freestrider elliptical out there, it gives you some amazing benefits you don’t get with other models. If you’re looking for the premium Freestrider in the series, this is the one to consider.


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