Nordictrack Elite 17.7 Elliptical Trainer Review

Pros and Cons of the New Elite 17.7 Crosstrainer


nordictrack elite 17.7 elliptical trainer
Nordictrack Elite 17.7 Elliptical Trainer

The Nordictrack Elite 17.7 elliptical trainer is the top-of-the-line model in Nordictrack’s “Elite” series of crosstrainers.

These crosstrainers are front-drive ellipticals built with heavier construction and lots of premium toys like built-in web browsers, adjustable pedals, HD video workouts and more.

The Elite 17.7 comes in with a larger web browser than the lesser-priced models – a full 10 inches across.

Plus you also get a super-heavy 35 pound flywheel and high-efficiency dual fans in both the console and the elliptical body.

Is the Elite 17.7 a good buy for you? Here’s a brief review to help you decide:

 nordictrack Elite 17.7 console



The Basics:


Price: $1799 + Free Shipping

Resistance Levels: 26

Stride: 20″ – 22″

Folding? No

iFit? Yes – Built In

iPod Dock? Yes

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 6-Year Parts Warranty, 3-Year Labor Warranty


Pros of the Nordictrack Elite 17.7 Elliptical:


nt-17-console-small#1 Largest Full Color Web Browser in the Series (10 inches across)

The Elite 17.7 comes with a larger web browser than the other Elite models – a full 10 inches across (vs 7 inches).

This makes it easier to read your emails, surf the net or watch Youtube videos as you workout.

If you tend to get bored easily when you workout, the web browser is a great way to enjoy your workout and make it a lot more productive.


#2 Decline and Incline

Incline or ramp is a popular feature with buyers because it changes the slope of the elliptical motion. This has the added advantage of working different muscle groups and giving you a more effective workout.


Nordictrack 17.7 incline decline

The Elite 17.7 has both decline and incline – with a -10 degree decline and up to a 20 degree incline. So it’s a great way to really change things up and challenge your body.


#3 Smooth Ride with A 35 Pound Flywheel

nt-17-strideA heavier flywheel gives you a smoother feeling ride without a lot of jerky stops and stars you often get with cheaper ellipticals.

The Elite 17.7 comes with the largest flywheel in the series – a whopping 35 pounds. This gives it more the feel of a commercial gym machine and it gives you a very sturdy, stable machine.

(Think of the flywheel as being like an anchor for the machine – the heavier it is, the more anchored the machine feels).


#4 Two Different Cooling Fans

Nordictrack 17.7 cooling fansStay cool with the console cooling fan. That’s pretty standard.

But what’s new is the upgraded cooling fan built into the elliptical body.

It directs air up towards you which adds another level of cooling comfort.


#5 iFit LIVE Built-In

iFit LIVE adds a whole new dimension to your training. iFit connects your crosstrainer to the internet.

From there you can go online and download unlimited new workouts to your elliptical – including some from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels where she coaches you through you workout.

nordictrack-elliptical-ifit-jillianYou can also map out new trails to run all over the world with Googlemaps and iFit. There are preset “famous” trails like Central Park but you can also map out your own.

What’s really neat about this elliptical is that the incline and resistance also automatically change to match the terrain of the trail you’re running. Very virtual reality.

Another benefit?

You don’t need to buy an iFit LiVE module with this crosstrainer – it comes built-in (although the iFit subscription is extra).


#6 HD Video Workouts

These workouts add a bit of “virtual reality” fun to your exercise time. For example, you can run along the shores of Hawaii while a personal trainer coaches you through your workout. You’ll also learn interesting facts about the landmarks along the way. The incline and decline will automatically adjust to match the trail.





#7 In-Handle Controls

You can adjust the resistance and incline/decline setting right from the moving arm bars – so you don’t have to reach up to the console to do it. It’s a small thing – but very convenient.


Nordictrack Elite 17.7 Elliptical Controls


#8 Extra Long Warranty with 3 Years On Service

This is hands-down the best Nordictrack elliptical warranty on the market. It gives you extensive protection on your investment – and tells you about the construction quality. Of particular note is the 3 years on service – which is unheard of in this market.


#9 Oversized, Adjustable Pedals

You can choose from 3 different toe-heel angles with these gel-pad, oversized pedals. So you can easily find a fit that works for you.

It’s also a great feature if you have multiple users since everyone can adjust the pedal to suit their comfort level.



Cons of the Nordictrack Elite 17.7 Elliptical Trainer:


#1 iFit Live Subscription Extra

The iFit LIVE subscription is extra (around $99 a year). However you don’t need to use iFit in order to use this elliptical (you can also still use the web browser without iFit). So you don’t have to buy iFit right away.


#2 Not Really An Adjustable Stride

nt-17-inclineNordictrack advertises this as an adjustable stride (20 – 22 inches). And many people find that a bit misleading. You can’t actually adjust or set the stride for your workout.

The stride length changes as you change the incline – which isn’t really what most people think of when they think of an “adjustable stride”.


Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop in front-drive ellipticals, you really can’t go wrong with the Nordictrack Elite 17.7. You get the largest web browser available as well as the heaviest flywheel – and the extra comfort of a dual cooling fan.

Plus you can challenge yourself to burn extra calories with the incline and decline. And the iFit LIVE can help you track and reach new fitness goals.

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nordictrack elite 17.7 elliptical trainer
Nordictrack Elite 17.7 Elliptical

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