Nordictrack Elite 12.7 Vs 16.7 – What’s the Difference?

Is the Elite 16.7 Worth the Extra Money?


elliptical-buyerThe Nordictrack Elite series of crosstrainers is quite popular – because they are built with a more solid construction than the starter models.

These are front-drive, heavy-flywheel trainers with luxurious 20 inch strides, extra long warranties, full color consoles and lots of bells and whistles to make your workouts enjoyable.

But what are the main differences between the Elite 12.7 ($1299):


nordictrack elite 12.7 elliptical
Nordictrack Elite 12.7



And the Elite 16.7 ($1699):

Nordictrack Elite 16.7


There’s roughly a $400 difference between the two – so is the 16.7 model worth the extra money for you? Here’s a basic comparison to help you decide.


Where They’re Similar:


Both trainers have:

nordic track elite 12.7 console
NT Elite 12.7 Console

– Heavy 32 pound Flywheels (this helps to add stability and gives a smoother feel to the ride)

– Full Color Consoles With Web Browsers

– iFit LIVE Built In (no extra module needed)

– Free heart rate monitors included

– 20 inch strides

– Power incline 0 – 20 degrees

– Adjustable footpedals with 3 different toe-heel angles

– iPod Docks

– “Snap” Assembly – easy to put together out of the box than standard trainers


3 Things the Elite 16.7 Trainer has that the Elite 12.7 Does Not:


nordictrack elite 16.7 console
NT Elite 16.7 Console

#1 A Larger Web Browser

The browser on the 16.7 is larger – 10 inches across vs 7 inches. A lot of people like this as it’s easier to browse the web (it’s kind of like getting a larger TV). And speaking of TVs…


#2 A Built-in HD TV

The 15 inche high def TV is situated at eye level – which won’t strain your neck. This adds a whole new dimension of entertainment to your workout (and can help you stay on the trainer for longer).


#3 More Built In Workouts

You get 40 built-in workouts on the 16.7 trainer vs. 35 on the 12.7 – which may or may not make a difference to you.


nordictrack elite 16.7 flywheel

#4 Higher User Weight Capacity

The Elite 16.7 has a 400 lb weight capacity vs 375 lb capacity on the 12.7 – which means it’s a bit more stable (although the difference is slight).  Both trainers are built to be very solid under heavy use.


Bottom Line?


Both Elite ellipticals are extremely impressive – and some of the only crosstrainer with built-in web browsers on the market right now.

However the main differences are that the 16.7 has a larger web browser and built-in HD TV. So it really depends on if that is important to you or not.

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