Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical Review

Pros and Cons of the Nordictrack 8.9 Elliptical


Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical
Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical

The Nordictrack E8.9 elliptical is currently the most affordable elliptical model in the new lineup.

It comes in at a very attractive price point of $799 plus Free Shipping, making it extremely popular with buyers on a budget. And you still get some impressive basics.

For example, the power incline will help you work different muscle groups. The heavy 20 pound flywheel adds a smoother feel. And the adjustable footpedals also add more customization options.

So is the Nordictrack E8.9 right for you? Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics:


Price: $799 + Free Shipping

Resistance Levels: 22

Stride: 18-20″

iFit? Yes

iPod Dock? Yes

Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 2-Year Parts Warranty, 1-Year Labor Warranty


Nordic track E8.7 elliptical console


Pros of the Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical:


#1 Power Ramp / Incline

nordictrack e8.9 power inclineIncline changes the slope of the elliptical movement – which means you end up training different muscle groups.

This also gives you an overall more effective and challenging workout.

You get from 3 to 20 degrees of power ramp with this elliptical – which is basically what you get with the $1000 models too – so this is a great little find on a starter crosstrainer.



#2 Heavy, 20 Pound Flywheel

A heavier flywheel helps to give you a smoother-feeling ride without all the jerky stop-and-starts you get with cheaper machines. The E8.9 has a heavy 20 pound flywheel to make your workouts more smooth and comfortable.



#3 Oversized, Adjustable Pedals

elliptical footpedalsThe 8.9 elliptical helps you customize your workout by adjusting the pedals.

You can choose from 3 different toe-heel angles to find which one feels most comfortable for you.

Plus different toe-heel angles may also help you to target and tone different muscle groups.




#4 Built-In Tablet Holder

nordictrack-e8-9-elliptical-tabletThis is another new upgrade for this year. Nordictrack has added a sturdy bracket above the console to hold your tablet.

So you can watch your favorite movies or shows as you workout.




#5 iFit LIVE

The Nordictrack 8.9 has the option for iFit LIVE. With iFit LIVE you can connect your machine to the Internet and download endless new workouts to your crosstrainer. It also integrates with your tablet for full color graphics.


Nordictrack E8.9 elliptical with iFit


You can also easily track and map your workouts online to see how far you’ve come. And you can also map out world famous trails to run with Googlemaps.



Cons of the Nordictrack E8.9 Trainer


Dual Color Console

The console on this elliptical is only dual color – not multi color as you get with the higher end models. So if you’re not using iFit LIVE with your tablet, you don’t get the full color graphics.


No Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

While this machine is compatible with a wireless heart rate monitor, it does not come with a chest strap included.


More Basic

The Nordictrack E8.9 is a bit more basic than the higher end models. For example you don’t get decline like you do with other models and you don’t get as many resistance levels.

Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical Trainer

Bottom Line?

If you’re on a budget but still want a great elliptical, the Nordictrack E8.9 should be on your short list. It gives you some great basics like the heavy flywheel, adjustable pedals for added comfort, power incline and hand grip heart rate monitors.

Plus it really shines in terms of entertainment options with 26 built-in workouts, iFit LIVE, tablet holder and iPod dock. Overall a great value buy.



Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can get the Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also get Free Shipping to your home (and save $150) by using the link below.

Click Here To Save on the Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical


Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical
Nordictrack E8.9 Elliptical

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  • at 1:48 am

    This elliptical looks amazing and is exactly what I have been looking for at a great price. However through the nordictrack website, the link on this page – there is NO indication of a colored screen. Was this an error in this post ?

    • at 3:10 pm

      Hi Alyssia,

      Unfortunately it looks like Nordictrack has taken the full-color console off that model for now. We have contacted them and are waiting to find out what’s going on. Thanks for pointing this out as now we’ll have to adjust our review.


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