Nordictrack Drops the Prices on their Folding Elliptical Trainers

deal on folding elliptical trainers

Great news if you’re looking for a well-made folding elliptical trainer!

Nordictrack has just dropped the prices on the Nordictrack SE7i and SE9i trainers for the Cyber Monday week sale!

While Nordictrack has dropped prices on several of their ellipticals (as of this writing), the prices on the folding models seem extremely low.

For example the Nordictrack SE7i elliptical usually runs around $999. But you can currently save over $200 on it with Free Shipping here.


nordictrack folding elliptical
Nordictrack SE7i Folding Elliptical


The Nordictrack SE9i folding elliptical – the most premium version of the folding crosstrainer – usually runs around $1499.

However, as of this writing you can save $250 on it with Free Shipping here.


Nordictrack SE9i Elliptical


Considering the prices on these models aren’t high to begin with, that makes these fantastic deals.


Why Consider a Folding Elliptical?

Folding elliptical trainers are great if you want to save space or you have a smaller workout area (like a condo or apartment).

They’re also ideal if you have a workout area that is also used as something else – like an office or living room.


benefits of Nordictrack elliptical


When you’re done your workout, you can fold the trainer up and use the wheels on the bottom to move the elliptical out of the way.


Which Folding Elliptical is Best for You?

You can read a full comparison of the Nordictrack SE7i vs SE9i here. However the main differences are that the SE7i model has a dual-color console only whereas the SE9i model has a full-color, touch-screen HD console – which is a lot easier to read and navigate.


nordictrack spacesaver se7i elliptical review
Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i Console


It also makes the iFit Coach world scenery a lot more fun to watch!

The SE9i also has more resistance levels and a higher incline. Plus, as of this writing, if you get the SE9i through the Manufacturer, you can also get a Free 1 year membership to iFit Coach included.


Nordictrack SE9i elliptical review
Nordictrack SE9i Console


With iFit you can run trails all over the world – from Paris to Hawaii – and watch the scenery through your console display (or tablet). So it’s a very cool way to make your workouts a lot more fun.

You can also track your workouts over time, set new fitness or calorie goals and even get customized workouts sent to you every day based on your goals.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic deal on a folding elliptical, you may want to check these two trainers out while the sale prices last!

Want to Compare the two?


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Nordictrack SE9i Elliptical