Nordictrack ACT Vs ACT 7 Elliptical

What’s the Difference Between the ACT and the ACT 7 Elliptical Trainer?



NordicTrack ACT elliptical trainer NordicTrack act 7


The Nordictrack ACT elliptical series is extremely popular because they are some of the most affordable center-drive ellipticals on the market.

The ACT elliptical is the classic model that started it all (however it’s updated every year with the latest goodies). The ACT 7 is a few hundred dollars more and carries more upgrades.

What are the main differences between them? Here’s a rundown for you:


#1 The  ACT is $300 Less

The ACT (as of this writing at least) comes in under $1000 – around $999 here with free shipping. The ACT 7 is about $1299 here – so it’s about $300 more. Is it worth the extra? It does have some really solid upgrades listed below:


#2 The ACT 7 Has a Full-Color Web Browser

The ACT has a dual color console with NO web browser:


Nordictrack ACT Elliptical Console


Whereas the ACT 7 carries a full color console with a 7 inch Android web browser:


nordictrack act 7 elliptical console


So if you get bored easily, this is a fantastic option. You can surf the net, read business news, etc while you workout. Very cool.



#3 The ACT 7 has Stationary Arm Bars and Moving Arm Bars

The ACT 7 has both stationary arm bars and moving arm bars – whereas the ACT only has moving arm bars. Many people like to have the option to rest their arms if they want to


HD workouts

#4 The ACT 7 has HD Video Workouts

Again, if you get bored, you will love this option. You can watch a few HD video workouts in the full color console as a personal trainer coaches you through the workout.


#5 The ACT 7 Has More Resistance Levels

The ACT has 22 and the ACT 7 elliptical has 24 – so it’s not a huge difference. But it does give you a bit more room to grow and challenge yourself.


#6 The ACT 7 Has More Built-In Workouts

Basically you get 24 workout apps with the ACT and 36 with the ACT 7 – again giving you more “stuff” to do on this elliptical.




Bottom Line?

While both the ACT and ACT 7 give you the advantages of a center drive design (more comfortable position, less leaning on the handrails, more compact, higher calorie burn), the ACT 7 does give you quite an upgrade.

You get a full color console – vs dual color – and a full web browser, guaranteed to make your workouts go faster.

Personally, I think it’s worth the upgrade. But it really depends on your budget and your personal workout preferences.

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NordicTrack ACT elliptical trainer
Nordictrack ACT Elliptical

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