Nordictrack ACT Elliptical – Video

Pros and Cons of the ACT Center Drive Elliptical


Nordictrack ACT elliptical review
Nordictrack ACT Center Drive Elliptical Trainer

Want to know more about the ACT elliptical (the most affordable of the Nordictrack center drive ellipticals)?

Are you more of a visual person – than a reader. If so, the video below is for you.

It lays out what I think are the most important pros and cons of the ACT elliptical. You can also read the full review here.

The ACT was the original center drive trainer from Nordictrack. They have added upgrades to it with the ACT7 and ACT 10 models (like web browsers and full color consoles).

Personally, I think the biggest weakness with the ACT trainer is that it has a standard dual-color console instead of a full-color console that the other two have. You can still get iFit LIVE – but it’s just not as good with a dual color console.

However if you don’t care about all the bells and whistles, you can probably save some money and go with the original ACT:



The Nordictrack manufacturer is currently offering Free Shipping on the ACT elliptical – Click here for more.