Nordictrack ACT Ceiling Height Questions


Nordictrack ACT ceiling height questionsWondering about the Nordictrack ACT ceiling height?

One of the most-asked questions I get is about ceiling height.

And for some reason the Freestrider and the Nordictrack ACT are the big ones that have people worried about ceiling height requirements.

I wrote an entire post about the Nordictrack Freestrider and ceiling height and it got a ton of hits and “Thank yous”.

So I decided that maybe a post about the Nordictrack ACT ceiling height could help people out as well.

So to answer this question I went straight to the horse’s mouth – the Nordictrack Manufacturer.

And I quote:


“You’ll need 12 inches above your height for the proper ceiling height on the Nordictrack ACT elliptical”.



This also applies to the Nordictrack ACT 10 elliptical as well.

So since 12 inches is 1 foot, let’s break it down a bit. Most people have ceiling heights of around 8 feet. There are some basements that have lower heights of 7 feet. And some lucky homeowners have ceiling heights of around 9 feet.

So to see if the Nordictrack ACT or ACT 10 will fit in your room, you’ll need to know the height of the ceiling in that room. You’ll also need to know the height of the tallest person who will using the elliptical.


nordictrack act 10 ceiling height
Nordictrack Commercial ACT 10 Elliptical


So if the tallest person is 6 feet, you’ll add 1 foot onto that for a total height of 7 feet. So if you have a 7 foot ceiling you should be ok (but cutting it a bit close if you want to be conservative).

If you have an 8 foot ceiling you’ll have lots of room and if you have a 9 foot ceiling you’ll be swimming in air up there.

If the tallest person is 5 foot 8 inches for example, adding 1 foot onto that gives you 6 foot 8 inches. So you’ll be fine with any ceiling height – 7 feet, 8 feet or 9 feet.

Here are a few more calculations for you:

User height – 5 foot 5 inches gives a ceiling height requirement of 6 feet 5 inches

User height- 6 foot 2 inches gives a ceiling height requirements of 7 feet 2 inches


nordictrack act 10 ceiling height
Adjustable Stride on the Nordictrack ACT 10


Again remember that this is applicable to both the Nordictrack ACT and ACT 10 elliptical trainer.

One of the best things about center drive trainers in general is that they tend to have a lower step-on height. So you start out closer to the ground than most other ellipticals in the first place.

So I hope that clears things up on the issue of the Nordictrack ACT and ceiling height.

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