Nordictrack Adds New Starter Elliptical – The Nordictrack 7.5 Elliptical

nordictrack 7.5 elliptical trainer review
Nordictrack 7.5 Elliptical

Looking for a cheap Nordictrack elliptical? It’s hard to find a quality starter elliptical these days for under $800 but Nordictrack has just come out with a pretty good option.

The Nordictrack 7.5 elliptical is a new 2016 model coming in under $800 with Free Shipping here. It’s actually very similar to the older Nordictrack E8.9 elliptical (which is slowly being phased out).

It’s a lot simpler than Nordictrack mid-range ellipticals – but you still get some great basics like the 20 pound flywheel and healthy 20 inch stride.

A longer strider helps you to more fully work your leg muscles and sometimes starter ellipticals can give you very short strides. So it’s nice to find such a great stride here.



Nordictrack C7.5 elliptical tablet
iFit LIVE on Tablet


The Nordictrack 7.5 elliptical also comes with a built-in media shelf so you can rest your tablet on the console and watch your tablet or surf the net while you’re working out. You can also use your tablet to connect to iFit LIVE and run famous world trails while watching actual landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen, very virtual reality.

While the console is not multi-color and is a bit smaller than other Nordictrack models, it’s still backlit and easy to read. There’s a scrolling message board that will lead you through your workout sequence as well.


console on Nordictrack C7.5 elliptical trainer



You’ll also like the incline (or ramp) which doesn’t often come on a starter trainer. Incline changes the slope of the elliptical path and helps you crosstrain different groups of lower body muscles.

You can read the full review of the new Nordictrack 7.5 elliptical here


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