New Video For Nordictrack SE9i Spacesaver Elliptical

See More Clearly How the SE9i Works


nordictrack audiostrider 1490 elliptical trainer
Nordictrack SE9i Folding Elliptical

Good news – Nordictrack has posted a new video showing you how their SE9i Folding elliptical works on the product page here.

Warning – it’s very cheesy (‘cuz when I think about riding an elliptical, I want to do it in a remote desert somewhere – in a skin-tight outfit no less).

However you do get a good view of exactly how the console works, which is one of the main advantages of the SE9i over the cheaper SE7i elliptical – which has an inferior dual-color console.

(For a full comparison of these two elliptical check out this post.)

You also see how it looks when you use it with iFit LIVE – and a few of the things you can do (like run at the same time as your friends – very cool).

A lot of people find it hard to picture exactly how the full-color console looks, especially with iFit LIVE – and this video shows you that pretty clearly. So it’s really useful if you’re trying to decide between the SE9i and the SE7i.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post the video on this blog – you have to go here to view it (the video is in the pictures section to the lower left). Nordictrack likes keeping their videos on their product pages and not giving them to lowly bloggers like yours truly.


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