iFit vs iFit LIVE – What’s the Difference?


ifit vs ifit liveI received a question the other day from a lady who was considering buying an older model Nordictrack elliptical – one which still was using the iFit card readers.

She assumed this meant the machine also had iFit LIVE capability as well.

Unfortunately, I had to warn her that this isn’t the case.

So I decided to do this quick post to clarify the difference between iFit and iFit LIVE.

It can be confusing right? Since ifit is ifit is ifit. But alas, not all iFit ellipticals are created equal. So here’s what you need to know to clear up the confusion.


iFit vs iFit LIVE – Version One


ifit vs ifit liveiFit was originally a way to add new workout programs to your elliptical.

You would buy the iFit cards and then insert them into the slot on your console.

The cards all had a different group of workouts on them and by inserting the card into the slot, the next workout would come up on your trainer for you to do.

There was even some iFit cards with workouts designed by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels at one point where you could hear her voice coaching you through the console speakers.

ifit vs ifit live cardsSome older Nordictrack elliptical models do still carry iFit card slots – and if you’re buying second hand (not recommended by the way because you have no warranty protection at all), you may also find an elliptical with an ifit card slot.

However you should know that this version of iFit is no longer being used by Nordictrack – and you can’t buy iFit cards now (unless you want to hunt around for used versions on ebay).

So even if you buy an older elliptical with the iFit card slot – you may not even be able to find an iFit card to use.

So this version of iFit has been replaced by the newer version of iFit – iFit LIVE. And these are 2 completely different animals.



iFit vs iFit LIVE – Version Two

iFit LIVE is an online connection, tracking and virtual reality-type software that is 100 times better than just a few new workouts on a card.


ifit vs ifit live


iFit LIVE connects your elliptical to the Internet using the wireless in your home. From there you can do all sorts of wonderful things. You can track and graph your workouts over time to see how far you’ve come (very motivating).

You can download countless new workouts (including those by Jillian Michaels) to your elliptical for extra workout challenge.


nordictrack ifit elliptical


You can also use the Googlemaps feature to map out new trails to run – or choose from a library of famous world trails (Paris, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, etc.) to run.

You then can watch through your tablet or the console screen (on certain models) as real landmarks pass you by from those trails. It’s a way to add some virtual reality fun to your workout.

So the bottom line is that just because an elliptical trainer has an iFit card slot, that doesn’t mean it also comes with the option for iFit LIVE. In fact it WON’T because Nordictrack only puts iFit LIVE on their newer models – and the iFit card slots are all on older models.



ifit vs ifit live



The good news is that all of the ellipticals at the Nordictrack Manufacturer now carry iFit LIVE capability. So while you don’t need to have iFit LIVE, you can always wait and add it on as a yearly subscription when you’re ready to try it out!

Want to learn more? You can visit the Manufacturer’s iFit LIVE site here and watch videos of how it works, see the latest iFit LIVE ellipticals and more.


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