freestrider vs ellipticalThe Nordictrack Freestrider is a new type of elliptical (see the full review here).

It has the added advantage of giving you a highly adjustable stride up of to 38 inches.

Plus it’s also more compact than front drive or rear drive crosstrainers, making it popular with smaller home gyms. But it’s also not necessarily the right choice for everyone.

How does it compare to a standard elliptical? Which one is the best choice for you? This video will show you the main differences between these two types of fitness equipment:



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How Is It Different Than The 2014 Model?


The Nordictrack ACT Commercial elliptical is popular for two reasons.

First of all, it’s a center drive elliptical (lower step-on height, more compact than other trainers). Plus it’s one of the most affordable center drive trainers you’ll find on the market (coming in around $999 plus Free Shipping here).

So it has a lot going for it. Nordictrack has recently upgraded the A.C.T. trainer to the new 2015 version – and I think you’ll really like the new version.

(For the full review of the 2015 model, check out our Nordictrack ACT Elliptical Review page here).


nordictrack commercial act elliptical console


How is it different than the 2014 model? There are a few changes:


#1 Added Tablet Holder

nordictrack A.C.T. Tablet holderNordictrack added a sturdy tablet holder above the console that the older model doesn’t have. So you can attach your tablet and from there watch movies or your favorite shows as you workout – very handy.

Also, if you want to try iFit LIVE on this trainer, you can connect it to your tablet and get some amazing visual graphics of different world trails as you workout.

Plus, because it doesn’t cover up the console, you’ll be able to watch your tablet – and track your workout stats simultaneously.


#2 Added Resistance Levels

The new ACT model adds a few more resistance levels. Not a huge thing – but it still gives you a bit more room to grow without topping out at the highest resistance too quickly.

nordictrack act elliptical trainer review


#3 More Compact Design

A lot of the bulk of the older model has been taken out – for a more compact, sleeker-looking design. If you have a smaller workout area in your home this elliptical is a great choice.

It still gives you the added stability of a center drive trainer (with a very heavy 23 pound flywheel) but it takes away the bulkiness of the older model base.


#4 More Workout Programs

Nordictrack has added more workout programs as well (32 vs. 24) which is a nice touch.

nordictrack act elliptical console 2015

Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a sleek, compact, sturdy trainer that comes in at a fantastic price, this is worth considering.

It doesn’t carry some of the extras of the higher end ACT models like the full color console or the web browser – but for this price point, it’s great value.

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