What Should You Look For In An Elliptical Flywheel


stride Elite 14.7If you’re buying an elliptical, you may notice that a lot of sales literature tells you the weight of the flywheel (and some products hide it).

So you may be wondering, “What’s the deal about the flywheel?”

Well, here’s the bottom line: All else being equal, the heavier the flywheel the smoother the ride you’ll get. So that means the heavier the better.

Again, that is all else being equal. There are also design constraints and stride lengths that also effect how smooth a ride you’re going to get.

So for example, a shorter 17 inch stride when you’re over 6 feet tall will still feel a bit jumpy and uncomfortable – even if you have a heavier flywheel.

However for the most part, a heavier flywheel gives you a much smoother ride – without the jerky stops-and-starts you sometimes get with cheaper ellipticals.

A heavier flywheel is also good for another reason – it anchors your crosstrainer. A heavier anchor also gives you a more stable-feeling machine.

This is great especially for heavier users or very intense workouts. You don’t want to pick up your pace only to feel the machine rocking back and forth in the wind. So a larger, heavier flywheel is good in that sense as well.

Nordic track elliptical trainer

Nordictrack ACT Trainer

Note that this logic doesn’t necessarily apply to center-drive ellipticals like the ACT since this design uses 2 smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals. In this case, the design of the elliptical itself helps to stabilize your trainer.

One thing I really like about Nordictrack ellipticals is that they’ve increased the weight of their flywheels over the years.

The average model has a 20 pound flywheel (with the heaviest being the Elite 12.7 with a 32 pound flywheel). Just to give you an idea, Horizon elliptical trainers – which are cost-comparable - usually carry around a 16 lb flywheel.

So these crosstrainers are on the high end in terms of flywheels.

Bottom Line? While the flywheel isn’t everything, it does count in how your elliptical stride feels an in terms of stability. Look for a heavier one especially if you’re planning on frequent every-day use of your crosstrainer.

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3 Things You Should Know BEFORE Buying a Secondhand Nordic Track Elliptical


elliptical buyerThinking of buying a used Nordictrack elliptical? It’s understandable. After all, you can get some great prices when you buy second hand. And everyone wants to save money these days. So it makes sense, right?

But hold on there. There are a few things you should know before you buy.

Most people don’t know these things (and the seller certainly isn’t going to tell you). And they can end up costing you – or giving you a miserable experience (or both). Here’s what you should know when browsing for any used elliptical:


#1 You have ZERO warranty protection


elliptical-buyerNo company – including Nordictrack – will honor the warranty on a second buyer. So it doesn’t matter if the seller tells you that the trainer is only a year old and still under warranty. Once you buy it, the warranty is null and void.

The seller could get it fixed under the warranty protection – buy you couldn’t. So if the trainer breaks the moment you get it home – you’ve just lost all your money.

Or you’ll have to pay more (usually much more) to have the machine repaired. In that case, you may end up spending MORE than if you bought brand new in the first place.


#2 You don’t know where it’s been


nordictrack audiostrider 990 ellipticalYou have no idea why the seller is selling. They may tell you it’s because they are moving but it could also be that they spilled pop on the console and now it works sketchy at best. You don’t know.

So again – you’re taking a risk that the machine will work perfectly after it’s been used for 1 – 4 years by someone else. That’s a much bigger risk than buying a brand new model.


#3 Older models have outdated electronics and designs

While many elliptical manufacturers bring out new models every 1 or 2 years – Nordictrack is ferocious about doing this and introducing upgraded, improved machines.

Nordictrack Elite 16.7 Elliptical TrainerOver the past 3 years alone, they’ve added new adjustable footpedals for a more comfortable workout, brought in new electronics, added web browsers to some models and even added an elliptical with TV.

So when you buy an older model, you’re really not getting the best value for your money. You’re missing out on the latest, more comfortable designs and electronics. And that will affect the quality of your workout.

So those are just 3 things you need to know before you buy a used Nordictrack elliptical.

If you still decide to buy used, I would suggest you get as new a model as you can (like 1 or 2 years old). And make sure you’re getting a STEAL of a price – because you’re taking a huge risk – so you should get some form of compensation like a huge discount. Good luck!


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