Best Nordictrack Ellipticals For 2016


best nordic track ellipticalHunting for the best Nordic track elliptical trainer? Wondering which one is the right fit for you?

While Nordictrack makes some of the most popular – and innovative – crosstrainer on the market, the scope of what they offer can be overwhelming.

Do you need a front drive or a center drive design? And how is a Freestride trainer different from the elliptical trainer? And what about entertainment options?

Not to worry, I’ve listed below some of the top selling – and highest rated Nordic track elliptical trainers for 2016. Each one is a “Best Buy” for a different reason – overall value for the money, more toys, new and innovative design, etc.

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#1 Nordictrack Elite 12.9

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best nordic track elliptical - 12.9
Nordictrack Elite 12.9

The Elite series of trainers is built to be a bit more sturdy and stable with better construction components than their starter models.

These machines also have heavier flywheels and improved consoles with more tools and toys to help you enjoy your workout time a little more. The Elite 12.9 still comes in at a very affordable $1499 and, like all Elite models, is a front drive trainer.

Front drive trainers have one large flywheel out in front of the pedals.

Many people prefer front drive trainers (and you’ll notice many of the ellipticals in the gym are front drive) because they tend to be a bit more stable than rear drive machines (more weight is anchored in the front).


Nordictrack Elite 12.9 Elliptical Console


The Elite 12.9 is built for heavier, or more frequent workouts with a monster 32 pound flywheel, long 21 inch stride and multi-position upper body arm grips.

Plus, you can customize your workouts for optimum comfort with the 3-position adjustable footpedals.

And for entertainment you get something you don’t usually find on a trainer at the price point – a full color, touch screen web browser. So you can surf the net, read emails or watch Youtube videos as you workout.

If you’re looking for a Nordic Track elliptical built to handle longer, heavier workouts – with some fun entertainment options, this is one to consider.


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Nordictrack 12.9 Elliptical Trainer Review
NordicTrack Elite 12.9 Elliptical




#2 Nordic track ACT
nordictrack act elliptical review 2015
Nordictrack ACT Commercial Trainer

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The Nordic track ACT elliptical is what is known as a center drive design. Instead of one large flywheel out in front or back like most trainers, there are two smaller flywheels on either sides of the pedals.

The advantage to this is that it’s more compact – so it takes up less space in your home.

The ACT also comes in at a great price – under $1000 so it’s very affordable if you’re looking for a great elliptical deal.

Plus you can also choose from an 18, 20 or 22 inch stride. So everyone in your home can find the most comfortable stride length for them.


nordictrack commercial act elliptical console



The Nordic Track ACT also comes with a bright, backlit console with a scrolling message board to guide you through your workouts. It’s iFit LIVE compatible and there are also 32 built-in workouts to build in some challenge to your day.

The one downside to this trainer is that it does not come with incline like the Elite trainer above (because of the limits of a center drive design). While incline is not necessary for a good elliptical workout, some people do prefer it.


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#3 Nordictrack Freestrider – FS7i

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Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS7i
Nordictrack FS7i

This is a new type of elliptical trainer introduced last year. It actually takes the elliptical off the standard rail-crank design and uses cushioned pedals on belts.

The key advantage to this is that you now have total control of your stride. And because of this, the stride path conforms to the way you move – instead of the other way around.

By choosing your own stride, you can choose to do short, stair-stepping strides, longer jogging motions or even longer hurdling-type strides.

For example, most elliptical trainers give you up to 22 inch strides – but the Freestrider gives you up to 38 inch strides.

So your body will basically never adapt to one motion and will continue to be challenged (and burn calories).

Another advantage to this design is the you get almost zero impact on your joints. So if you struggle with back or joint pain, this machine might be able to help.


Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS7i Console


This year’s Freestride models even come with incline and built-in web browsers to help you stay entertained and challenged while you run.

If there is a downside to the Freestrider it’s that the motion is a bit different than an elliptical – so if you’re used to standard crosstrainer workouts, it can take some time to adjust.


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best nordic track elliptical



So those are 3 of the best Nordic track elliptical values this year. No matter what you decide, remember to take your time and listen to your body. Only do what you can – you’ll be losing weight and toning up in no time!