Best Freestrider Machine 2019 – Which is Best For You?


best freestrider machine
Nordictrack Freestride Trainer

Trying to decide between the Nordictrack FS5i, FS7i and FS9i Freestride Trainers for 2019?

Looking for the best Freestrider machine for you?

These models all have their own unique benefits.

So it really depends on your personal situation, budget, fitness goals and preferences as to which is best for you.

This post will go over what you need to know – giving you the quick benefits – and drawbacks – of each 2019 model.

That way, you can make your own informed decision.

I’ve also included links to each model when you can get more information, specs, user reviews etc.

So let’s dive in!


Best Freestrider Machine 2019 – An Overview


Firstly, each of the Freestrider elliptical trainers have some similarities you should know about. Each of them comes with the famous adjustable stride.


best freestrider machine


You set this stride yourself by how hard and which direction you decide to push on the pedal. Then the stride adapts to you as you run – which is very cool.

Each Freestrider gives you a stride of up to 32 inches. Compare this to the average set 20-inch stride of a standard elliptical trainer and that’s quite a difference!

Also, each trainer does include an auxiliary music port in the console with speakers. So you can plug in your phone and play your favorite workout tunes as you workout. You also get dual-speed workout fans in the consoles with each model to stay cool.

So how are they different?


best Freestrider machine - fs5i
Nordictrack FS5i Freestrider


Nordictrack FS5i Freestrider – the Basic Model

The FS5i is currently the most basic, most affordable model coming in under $1500 with Free Shipping here.

It has a dual-color console (vs the full-color consoles on the other models) which gives you basic feedback on your workout stats.

It comes with the option to add iFit Coach – but you do not get a free 1 year membership included as you do with the other models.


Freestrider FS5i Console
Freestrider FS5i Console


You also get 22 levels of resistance – which is ok for most people. However the other models have a bit more resistance – so there’s a bit more room to grow with them.

Another thing to note is that it’s a bit lighter than the other two models. Because the other models are heavier with heavier flywheels, they are a bit more stable than the FS5i – which makes them a bit better for heavier use.

Still, if you want all the benefits of a Freestrider – for a super-low price – then the FS5i trainer is a great option.


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nordictrack freestrider reviews
Nordictrack Freestrider FS7i



Nordictrack FS7i – the Popular Model

The Nordictrack FS7i is the most affordable Freestrider elliptical that gives you all the bells and whistles – including the full-color, HD, touch-screen console with Free iFit Coach for a year.

So it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular Freestride trainer. With iFit you can explore and run trails all over the world and watch the scenery pass you by in the console screen.


nordictrack freestride trainer comparison
Nordictrack FS7i Console


You can also take a high-energy fitness class right from your elliptical console.

The Freestrider FS7i also introduces up to 10 degrees of incline. Incline changes the shape of your elliptical slope. This helps you to crosstrain different muscle groups and get a better overall workout.

The FS7i also comes with a slightly heavier flywheel than the FS5i model – giving you a smoother, more stable ride.


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nordictrack elliptical reviews
Nordictrack FS9i Freestrider



Nordictrack FS9i – the Premium Model

If you’re looking to blow the roof off your workouts and want all the bells and whistles – the FS9i Freestrider is your machine.

It’s heavier with a large flywheel than the other models so it can take a bit more use – and abuse.

Plus it has the largest console screen of any of the models – 10 inches across (vs 7 inches on the FS7i). So you get to watch iFit Coach workouts and scenery in larger, living color. This makes for a much more enjoyable workout.


nordictrack Freestride Comparison
Nordictrack FS9i Console


Plus you not only get up to 10 degrees of incline on this model, but you also get up to 10 degrees of DECLINE as well.

So you can get more crosstraining options on this model for an overall better workout experience.

The only downside is that the FS9i is not cheap. It runs around $2800 but you can get it with a discount plus Free Shipping and Free iFit Coach for a year by using the link below:


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freestrider best machine
Freestrider Motion


So that’s a brief look at the different Freestrider elliptical machines. Hopefully it helps you choose the best Freestrider machine for you based on your budget, preferences and needs.

What do you think? Do you have any questions? Leave your comments below!


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